Special interest in finishing, online viewing, and post production workflows.

Supervising digital dailies at Bling Digital, in Vancouver - Canada.




Raw material shot during the making of a motion picture or long format series, turned over into coloured, sync'd, transcoded video files. Dailies are perfect for viewing as indication of how filming and the actors' performances are progressing. They're the first positive prints made by the lab.

Dailies · /ˈdeɪ-li/ 


Dailies Workflow Supervisor for Bling Digital

Protect the integrity of the digital film negative. Coordinate with Editorial and use high-speed transfers to meet Editorial & VFX deadlines. Manage outputs & turnover for VFX teams. Perform daily quality control checks for online screeners and Avid media. Research upgrades to efficiency and workflow to keep the company at the bleeding edge of post-production processing.

Dailies Technician / Dailies Colourist for Bling Digital

Perform first-pass colour-correction using ExD, sync, export clips through an AVID workflow and produce high-quality dailies overnight, to meet tight deadlines and quality control.

Protect vital footage during compression, processing, and backups.